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explore the knowledge and experience of the accomplished retired Government Professionals

  • Conduct of study on Social issues, land-related matters and prepare project reports.
  • Conduct of Social Impact Assessment studies for projects.
  • Legal assistance or advice to public or private firms in solving land-related issues.
  • Identification of suitable and economically feasible land for projects.
  • Conduct of land survey with modern pieces of equipment for various purposes

Study on Social issues

The major types of research on social problems include surveys, experiments, observational studies, and the use of existing data. Surveys are the most common method, and the results of surveys of random samples may be generalized to the populations from which the samples come. Observation studies and existing data are also common methods in social problems research. Observation studies enable the gathering of rich, detailed information, but their results cannot necessarily be generalized beyond the people studied. Research on social problems should follow the scientific method to yield the most accurate and objective conclusions possible.

Assist in land related matters

To ensure sustainable development of rainfed cultivable and degraded lands through a participatory approach by involving the stakeholders in decision making in the watershed development programmes. It makes a concerted effort to enhance the productivity of wastelands thereby enhancing livelihood opportunities in rural areas.

Prepare project reports

This Project Report will help you communicate the status of your project, to your staff and stakeholders.Project Reports enable you to keep people regularly informed of the progress of the project and to raise any items for their attention. This Project Status Report enables you to tell your team whether the project is on track and likely to finish within schedule.